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Onze Mensen

Erwin Moolenaar Online Campaign Manager

Erwin Moolenaar

Media specialist Ronald had been employed for less than a month when he recruited in Erwin. What a gift this open and cozy Haarlemmer turned out to be. Before that, Erwin worked in e-commerce at a well-known amusement park and a large hotel chain. As an online campaign manager at Radancy, he is responsible for managing and running campaigns as optimally as possible. He knows exactly how we can get the most out of the client's budget and which tactics we should use for this. Do you think you know Erwin from somewhere else than Radancy? That's probably right! He used to host the weekend and evening show at Radio Decibel and at the weekend he always has a gig as a DJ somewhere. Life’s a party when Erwin is around.

Oplossingen waar je op kunt rekenen. Perspectief dat je nodig hebt. En resultaten die je verdient.

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