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Thought Leader Series presents:

Deb Johnson
Vice President of Client Strategy

TMPers are more than employees. We are consultants and thought leaders. Below is an excerpt from Deb Johnson, Vice President of Client Strategy for TMP Worldwide, from an article originally published in ERE. Here, Deb lays out the 6 steps to improving your recruitment marketing strategy using post-hire data.


Recruiting doesn’t end once you’ve made your hire. Valuable post-hire data exists if you know where to look and what to do with it. It’s not enough for companies to spend thousands of dollars investing in an applicant tracking system. I see companies missing out on key data opportunities all the time.

To get the most out of your investment, dig into your data. Doing this will provide the most valuable information on how to target candidates, which will improve your employer brand and messaging. To get started, follow these six steps to help identify and understand your post-hire data.

Identifying the Data Point to Collect

The first step is to identify what data points you want to collect and how you will use them. Only use data points you are going to actively use so that your recruitment team can see the results of their efforts and continue to see the value in entering this data.

Pro Tip: Post-hire data points such as past employment name and address are helpful in ensuring you can track what industries your hires are coming from.

Read the rest of Deb’s ERE post here. Interested in providing recruitment-marketing solutions to clients? Check out our open positions and apply today!

TMP Worldwide Deb Johnson

Deb Johnson is vice president of client strategy for TMP Worldwide and leads a team in the development and creation of innovative digital recruitment campaigns. She has worked in both consumer and recruitment advertising, and her experience spans a multitude of companies and industries.

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